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I’m a mother. I’m about to celebrate my second Mother’s Day. When I look at my son Joaquin Fox, my heart clenches and I feel weary with adoration and love. Joaquin’s dad (and my husband) Juan and I had been living abroad in Panama for seven months when we found out I was pregnant. Those first thoughts of packing up and heading home to the San Francisco Bay Area were strong initially, but fleeting once the news settled.

One May evening in 2011, while strolling through our eclectic, vivacious, steamy neighborhood of Casco Viejo in Panama City, we decided that heading “home” because of a baby would be selling ourselves short. We had made the wild and yet obvious (to us) choice to live abroad after getting married and we wanted this baby to be a part of that history; a part of our family’s history living abroad.

And here we are today: A California mama, a half Guatemalan papa, and our Panamanian baby boy.

From where I’m standing today, I look around and see an amazing life that we have built here in Casco Viejo, Panama from nothing but hope, inspiration, patience, and creativity. And of course, the handsome Mr. Fox.

Photos: Joaquin & mama Puerto San Lorenzo : Beach warriors at Nalga Perdida : Mr. Fox & papa stepping into the Pacific

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  1. May 15, 2013 at 8:32 pm


    All I can say is that my two fantastic kids believe that the world is theirs to explore.. they have both lived in 3 countries now and have loved each and every move we’ve made. My Nola started school in Cali, jumped into K mid-way through the year in Canada, and same again in grade 2 in England.

    One language yes, but three different cultures entirely.. words are different here and there, ideas are not quite the same and sometimes you forget ‘the way things are done’ are actually ‘not done that way here.’ It’s instilled in them a sense of freedom and endless possibilities. I know this because they ask not if we will ever move again, but ‘when we move next time, where will it be in the world – can it be Mexico?’ And they don’t want to move per sa, they just know me.. and they see life as I have presented it.

    I smile when I think of the people who suggested I may be damaging my kids – my kids don’t crumble when the unexpected happens… they are equipped with tools, they understand somehow that life is bigger than the bubbles we build and that there are options, that change is change, not the end.

    And perhaps it’s insane for me to claim that they are thoroughly grounded, well-settled and healthily attached in many loving relationships – some across oceans.

    Mr. Fox is set with you guys as parents anyway – having the world at his feet is just the cherry on the top.


    • Molly Berry
      May 15, 2013 at 11:17 pm

      Bon Bon,

      Well, wow. I really don’t know where to start! I guess I should begin by thanking you for this amazing response to my post. I absolutely know that you and I were meant to cross paths at that crossroads in the world, when we did, for a reason. You are truly special and from day one I have admired your ability to adapt, your strength, your persistence, your vision, and most of all your love for you children which is above and beyond.

      I am so very proud of you for taking the paths that you have, or rather, the paths that you have laid for yourself and for Nola & Griffin. You are an active and involved model of what it means to live in the moment and follow your instincts..both of which are strangely not easy for people to do. This means that you are the exception and so are your two beautiful kids.

      We have a lot more to catch up on, you and I, but for now please just know how much I miss you and how often I do think of you. Let’s just keep good thoughts that “when we move next time” be it in Mexico or Bali, we will cross paths again. I know it’s only a matter of time!

      ALL of my love to you Bon. xx

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