Yoga for a Cause

I started practicing yoga in 1998. Throughout the years it has become a practice, both physical and spiritual, that keeps me centered, challenges and rejuvenates me unlike anything else. Moving abroad was a difficult transition for my practice because of a lack of studios, until one fateful day when a best friend of mine in NYC suggested a website called YogaGlo. This website has literally revolutionized my practice simply because it allows me incredible access to yoga (all styles, all levels, incredible teachers) no matter where I am in the world.

Whether you live abroad, travel a lot, or neither, YogaGlo is such a perfect way to practice yoga from “home”. If you like yoga, do yourself a favor and check out the website. Your first two weeks are free and you’ll see that you can filter classes and practices exactly the way it works for you.

Luckily, there are also special occasions in Panama when I will attend a workshop by a dear friend and yogi, Sofia Arias of Beautiful Imperfect or, unique mornings like yesterday when I attended a fundraising event for an incredible program called Cambio Creativo.  Held in the “ballroom” of an old Casco Viejo building, the event was a great success with over 30 of us in attendance.  All proceeds went towards Cambio Creativo and our advanced Ashtanga class was followed by a brunch and a presentation.  A thick sense of community filled the room, joined by a positive, healthy, inspiring vibe.

Cambio Creativo (Creative Change) was co-founded by a friend, Rose Marie Cromwell, and is an incredible result of hard work, thoughtful vision, and commitment to a positive goal with a profound impact.  Cambio Creativo’s mission goes as follows:

Cambio Creativo is an educational platform that promotes critical thinking skills, determination and self-expression through the process of exchanging ideas and skills. We facilitate a space for mutual exchange between a group of mentors and students in Coco Solo (Colon, Panama). Monthly interdisciplinary workshops are led by mentors from Colon, Panama City and abroad. We trust that by stimulating knowledge, creativity, and positive experiences, participants will find alternatives for their own social and economic development.

As a teacher, I am truly inspired by what Cambio Creativo is making a reality.  So many of us want to help and be involved with our communities but aren’t always sure how to go about it.  Rose Marie Cromwell and her diverse team of artists, mentors, and visionaries are setting a fantastic example.

I highly encourage you to check out their website, and even donate to this valuable program if you can.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  If you have a chance to check out any of the links I’ve shared, if you would like to provide feedback, if you’d like any more information, or if you have similar stories to share, please feel free to do so!










  2 comments for “Yoga for a Cause

  1. Jo Ridgway
    May 28, 2013 at 3:20 am

    I love this post Molly.
    What an inspiring program and brilliant event.
    I discovered Yogaglo while I was pregnant with Finn and loved my daily practice.
    I try to carve out some time each week to get my mat out and pick a class from the website but often i get 10 minutes into it and Finn wakes up from his nap, or the doorbell goes….
    As a working mum with a lively toddler too, how do you manage it? Xx

    • Molly Berry
      May 28, 2013 at 11:55 am

      Jo! So glad you found this post interesting. I’m convinced that to know Yogaglo is to love it…but still, that does not mean I use it anywhere near as much as I’d like to. To be honest, I am lucky if I get on my mat 4 times a month – for all the same reasons that make it difficult for you. The class on Sunday was the longest class (1.5hrs) I’ve done since December! With work, an energetic boy who cannot bare to see me on the mat without dog piling me, and now this blog (haha) it absolutely is a juggle. Sometimes I put off yoga because I don’t think I have enough time, but THAT is precisely the reason I love the option to select the length of class I want on Yogaglo. When Joaquin is napping and I have a list of stuff to accomplish in that precios time, I will try to at least do 30 minutes and it does always make a difference and I feel happy with myself for at least attempting to finish a class. Usually though, my best bet is to tell Juan that I in serious need of a class (which is always supportive of because he knows from experience that I’m a cooler person to be around if I’ve done yoga:) and I will time it with his walks to the park with Joaquin after we both are home from work. I usually go with them, but sometimes it’s better to give myself that “break”. Most of those nights we don’t eat dinner until 9 but it’s still worth it.
      I entirely relate to finding a way to fit it all in. Usually I don’t feel like I’m making it work or that things are falling through the cracks, but, that’s usually something a yoga class with Elena Brower can’t fix:) It’s such a work in progress and we can only do what we can do. I know you well enough to KNOW that you are doing so much and you’re doing it so well. When you’re feeling like you need even 30 minutes, tell Jakey to head out with Finn to the pub so you can have some alone time! It’s so important as a mama, a wife, an acupuncturist, to make time when and where you can to just focus on you. I know you know that, but its always good to get a reminder. Check out Elena Brower on Yogaglo if you haven’t yet. She even has 15 minute classes and she always has such a great perspective & message with her practice. Lots of love & thanks for writing!xx

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